Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the first week of biggest loser

The first week of this diet and exercise for the church's biggest loser fundraiser has been kind of a flop.
A flop you ask? Yes a flop, for some reason I can not diet and exercise it is one or the other this last week.
well enough with putting my self down I have to keeping looking forward . This last week was good on food part
it was almost vegetarian just a little chicken on a couple of days .This week I need to incorporate a low
impact exercise (aka biking ) unless some one has an elliptical machine I can use :) 
The funny thing about all this is that the one craving that has been constant is chocolate! I thought it would be bacon.......yes bacon, why bacon you ask? For all my bacon loving people out there you understand but, the rest of you wouldn't get it. Sorry for the rabbit trail. Well back on track yes I'm doing this for the church but the
main reason for doing this is for my boys and my wife. My family has a history of being plus size in the mid section and I don't want to pass this tradition on to them. This is not a diet it is a life change for my whole family
and it starts with me. Until next week! As my pastor would say" Keep on keeping on "!!!!!!!

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